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Every year for the last thirty plus years we have purchased a fresh-cut Christmas tree. Every year I also have fleeting thoughts of Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation when he finds a squirrel in the family tree. It is only a fleeting thought and then I chuckle and continue on with the decorations, that is until last year.

Yes, you know where I am going with this ...
As we were putting the lights and ornaments on our tree last year something fell out of the tree and onto the floor. From a distance, I couldn't be certain what it was, but I had a sinking feeling that I recognized the shape and color of what lay on the floor. Upon taking a closer look, our entire family began to let out screams of EWWWW! and moans of OMG! as it became clear that it was a dead mouse that had fallen out of our tree! We were HORRIFIED, to say the least! It turns out there was a bird's nest lodged deep in the tree that SEVERAL mice had become entombed in. YUCK!

None the less, we did, in fact, opt for a fresh-cut tree again this year, but this time we did a thorough investigation of the inner parts of the tree.

I share this with y'all so you are sure to check your tree too before you end up having a Griswold moment you will never forget!


Happy tree trimming!

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