Looking at HOME a little bit differently these days...

Kelly Neff

Are you looking at HOME with 2020 vision?

I believe HOME truly is where the heart is and FIG TREE is part of my heart and soul. It's my passion to help folks create spaces where family & friends love to gather!
In these current times, I believe HOME is even more important than ever before because of the fear, loneliness, and anxiety that Covid unleashed on the world in 2020.
You see, I believe HOME is a feeling, it's family, it's freedom. HOME is comfort, it's connection, it's creativity. It's peace, prosperity, and filled with possibilities. HOME is relationship, it's refreshment, it's rest. It is safety, security, and serenity. HOME is warm, welcoming, and it resides deeply within.
It seems that Covid has wreaked havoc on HOME by creating isolation, alienation, seclusion, fear, anxiety, and heartache. These are all symptoms of loneliness and I believe there is a cure for these symptoms.
You see, I believe that Together we can Overcome and conquer even the most unexpected, unpredictable, unthinkable, 'didn't see that coming' kind of Mountains. (TOM - Together Overcoming Mountains)
The funny thing is, we can be together in a house full of others and still be gripped with the power of loneliness. I know because I've experienced it and I bet many of you reading this right now have too. So how do we overcome and conquer this life zapper?
I believe we must come HOME to ourselves before we can ever truly take steps to come TOGETHER and OVERCOME those MOUNTAINS. You see, Change Begins Within. It's where you'll find HOME because HOME truly is where the heart is.
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The idea is to create a space where folks can gather to share wins and be an inspiration to the creativity of others. I encourage you to share your fails too, because we learn best from our mistakes and we can help others avoid them too!
It's a place where you can get help from a friendly community when you're stuck and need advice on how to get going. It's a family that will help you find your way and get back on track when your latest project has suddenly gone sideways and taken a wrong turn.
It's a place where you can discover your style and find confidence that you never knew you could have. And who knows, joining this family might just ease those symptoms of loneliness and change your life!
Let me help you Unleash Your Inner Style today!
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