How2Home's 1st Episode!

Kelly Neff

Welcome to our 1st episode on How2Home!

Join me and my special guest Matt Channell who is a Senior Inspector with Terminix.

How2Home is a place to share our experiences (the wins and the not-so-great ones too!), ideas, creativity, and even ask questions about anything and everything home-related.

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I believe HOME truly is where the heart is and FIG TREE, my online-only home decor store, which inspired How2Home, is part of my heart and soul. It's my passion to help folks create spaces where family & friends love to gather!

I believe our stories matter and it's important to share them.

Here’s one reason why…

Sometimes unexpected problems show up and you find yourself saying, “ If only I had known!”

Well, let me tell you… there are some things I didn’t know that I wish I had known and so I want to share my story with y’all today so that you can avoid my costly mistake and that’s why I’ve asked my special guest, Matt Channell to join me today.

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We'd love for you to join our family!

Blessings, Kelly


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